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Coping Skills Put Will on a Successful Path


“Wediko School includes the entire family in treatment. We discovered ourselves that this is essential to the treatment program working. The Wediko [School] Program fostered growth and change in Will, and it greatly enhanced his functioning at home and at his community school. The staff at Wediko was excellent; they were open and encouraged communication with parents, home and school.

Wediko kept us informed of Will’s daily and weekly progress. Wediko prepared all of us to deal with situations by developing coping skills and providing corrective emotional experiences.”

-Mother of Will N.

Will was adopted by two loving and caring parents. He struggled in school, having difficulty following directions, completing assignments, and hearing “No.” In moments of frustration, his behavior would quickly escalate from verbal to physical aggression.

His family worked diligently to support him and encourage him in every aspect of his life. They engaged with community support programs, school, individual and family therapists in an attempt to help Will be successful. However, over time it became clear that this support was not enough.

Will’s behavior was affecting him and his family in many concerning ways. Every morning was a struggle. Socially, Will became more and more isolated as his behavior interfered with his ability to develop positive relationships. Communication broke down and his family stopped inviting company over for concern about Will’s random outbursts. As Will’s mother focused more and more on Will, she felt unable to take care of the rest of the family or herself.

At Wediko School , Will and his family were taken care of in new ways. With a phased model of treatment, Will and his parents built skills to improve communication, including how to give and take feedback. As they developed more skills and had a space to step away from the chaos, they were better able to self-reflect.

Through Will’s participation at Wediko School, including his experience with peers and in individual, group, and family therapy, Will was able to identify his feelings and effectively communicate his needs. The experience of success at Wediko School gave Will room to start enjoying himself through activities like woodworking, basketball, and volunteering.

Now back at home, Will participates in school on a daily basis, earning A’s and B’s. He has drive and direction. Will is achieving academically and socially. He is not only engaged in class, but he’s involved with after school activities. He is a loving member of his family and has made significant gains in independence. For the first time in a long time, Will and his family are looking forward to the future.

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