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Positive Outcomes

Stacey McEnerney, LMHC, a Wediko School-Based Program therapist and consultant, shares her perspective on the journey toward positive outcomes.

“I came to this profession through my work as a patient advocate in a long-term, state-run facility for people with mental illness. Time and time again, as I talked with people and heard their story, I saw points in the narrative that, had something been done differently, their life trajectory could have been so different. I knew I wanted to work with children and families to help bring more positive outcomes.

What I love about Wediko is that we have the privilege of working with kids over time. The nature of working with children and families faced with so much adversity, can feel like it’s ‘one step forward, two steps back.’ But over time, you see the gains and you watch this work pay off. Year after year, I see students return to school who once had so little hope, so many skills deficits, and had experienced a lot of failure in a lot of places in their world. And I was able to watch each kid slowly, gradually gain skills, experience success, and begin to feel differently about themselves and about the possibilities in their life. I’ve seen this journey so many times with kids. It’s what keeps me going and I just wish there was a way to shake the ball and show parents – and the child themselves – that this is possible. Many can’t see it though, so we walk them down that path.”

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