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Too Much To Handle: A Parent Finds Her Answer

As an adoptive mother of a child showing some very troublesome behavior, I became almost desperate looking for appropriate services and professionals who understood my situation.

Finding Wediko was the answer to my prayers. Finally, there was an organization with expertise in adoptive attachment problems who understood the impact of truly difficult behavior on family living.

Wediko’s Summer Program provided my daughter with a safe, growth producing environment that was powerfully therapeutic. Not only that, my husband and I were able to rest while she was away knowing that she was secure and well cared for. Wediko is a compassionate, life generating place that was a life-saver for all of us.

I believe that Wediko’s validation, coaching and encouragement gave me tremendous support to continue advocating for my daughter and other struggling children.

Learn more about the Wediko Summer Program and how 45 days could positively impact a child in your life.

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