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Life After Loss: Karen Learns to Cope With Grief

When she first heard about Wediko’s Living with Loss grief counseling and support program, Karen was skeptical. She didn’t know if she and her daughter (10) were ready to talk about their losses yet.

“Sometimes, it feels like people in your life who haven’t experienced a loss are not always comfortable talking it. This group validated my pain. I get that life goes on, but I often feel like saying ‘but wait, this happened.’ Living with Loss gave us a place to talk about it. For my daughter, it was helpful sharing with other children, especially other girls her age. You learn from the others in the group; that’s the whole point.

My daughter and I walked out of the Living with Loss group with new coping strategies, ready for when we need them. She is learning how to talk about her dad and process her loss. He was bigger than life for us. And two years later, we’re still figuring it out but Living with Loss really made a difference.

Now, whenever I say we’re going to Living with Loss, my daughter is always excited. That title is honestly perfect – we’re learning how to live with loss and the program helps us cope with this new reality, our new normal.”

Learn more about the Living with Loss program and how it could positively impact someone in your life.

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