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About the Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Camp Wediko!

The Camp Wediko admissions process is focused on determining if the program can meet the mental health and educational needs of the child being referred. To do this, we try to learn as much about the child and family as possible, while assessing whether our unique treatment setting can meet the identified needs. At Camp Wediko, we strive to accommodate complex social, emotional and behavioral challenges and to provide support and respite to families. We view the admissions and interview process as the beginning of the treatment relationship. Throughout the admissions process, our staff provides direct assistance to all families and referral sources as needed.

The steps are as follows:

  • The team reviews the completed application and additional clinical documents (i.e.: psychological evaluations, treatment and discharge summaries, IEPs).
  • Camp Wediko senior team consults with the family and providers as needed in order to gain a comprehensive perspective on the child’s needs.
  • A Camp Wediko Clinician interviews the child and family in person, by phone or through video-conference to discuss the program, make a connection with the child and set treatment goals.
  • The team collectively make the appropriate admissions decision with the family. If it is determined that Camp Wediko cannot meet the child’s needs, we will assist in identifying alternative programs and make recommendations to the family.

Applying to Camp Wediko

The Camp Wediko application consists of the following forms:

  • Parent/Guardian Form
  • Mental Health Provider Form
  • Teacher Form
  • Two-Way Authorization to Release Information

The application forms describe the child’s needs and authorization form give us permission to speak with other providers supporting the child.

Click Here to download the 2021 Camp Wediko Application!

About the Application Process

The Parent/Guardian form initiates the referral. If you apply online or complete the parent/guardian form on paper (send it to us by mail, email, or fax) our team will contact you to assist you with the application process. We are available to answer questions and consult with you about your child’s educational and mental health needs.

If you apply online, once the Parent/Guardian form is completed, you will be prompted to download the Teacher Form and Mental Health Provider Form. Please contact us if you need assistance in identifying persons to complete the forms. It is also required to complete and return a Two-Way Authorization to Release Information form for both the child’s school and mental health provider. If your child is in special education, please provide a copy of the current IEP.

Upon completing the application, we will contact you to confirm funding for the program and can answer questions you may have about the tuition.

About the Authorization to Release Information Form

Wediko complies with regulations about sharing health information outlined in the federal law known as HIPAA. We require that you complete the Two-Way Authorization to Release Information for each person with whom you would like us to speak. This authorization allows Wediko and another professional to share information verbally and in writing for the purpose of this referral and for treatment over the summer. Please print multiple copies of this form as needed for the child’s school, therapist, medical providers, educational consultant, etc.

Click here to download the Authorization to Release Information Form 

Please note: All three forms and the authorizations to release information are needed to complete the application to refer your child to Camp Wediko. All completed forms are needed before we schedule an interview.

Please send all forms and any other relevant materials by mail, email or fax to:

Wediko Children’s Services
Attention to: Wediko Summer Program 
11 Bobcat Blvd, Windsor, NH 03244
Fax: 603-478-2049

Dates and Rates

Camp Wediko runs a six-week therapeutic residential camp session from July 5 – August 14.

Please Note: The $1000 deposit is due at the time of acceptance to secure the child’s admission. Tuition is due in full by June 28. To determine whether your child may be eligible for public funding assistance, contact your Special Education Director or your mental health care coordinator.

Unfortunately, Wediko is unable to offer scholarships or tuition assistance at this time. You may contact the team to request information about possible resources in your community.

Click here to view the statement of fees. 

For questions or for more information, please contact Katie Walsh at



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