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Residential Life



  • Students are assigned to a dorm based on age, developmental maturity, and “fit” with other students.
  • Each dormitory has its own core team of staff, headed by a Clinical Supervisor. The Clinical Supervisor, a Master’s or Doctorate level therapist, oversees the implementation of the students’ Individual Treatment Plans, developed within the first 30 days of the program.
  • Children’s dormitories provide a safe, comfortable place for children to calm down, reflect, and refocus. With staff support, students are given the space and time to practice skills of self-regulation, self-monitoring, and self-assessment. The therapuetic milieu also targets teaching of age-appropriate life skills (laundry, personal hygiene, organization of down time, dorm cleanliness and chores, etc.).
  • Dorms have been built to create a welcoming environment for our students. Each dorm has a living room, kitchen, dining room, and double bedrooms, primarily. Bedrooms are furnished with single beds, desks, chairs and closet organizers, specifically designed to help students organize their spaces. Students are encouraged to add a personalized touch to their room.
  • Breakfast and lunch are served in our campus dining hall, while dinner is eaten family-style, staff and students together, in the dorm dining room.

After-School Activities

Between intramural athletic teams, arts, volunteer opportunities, off campus trips to town and nearby sights, our students are actively engaged after school and on weekends. When the school day is over, you might find our students canoeing in the summer, snowboarding at a nearby ski slope in the winter, playing a game of capture the flag on the playground, practicing for an upcoming basketball game against a local school, going for a photography hike, working on the literary magazine, playing together in a band, or heading to a local animal shelter. We know what our students are passionate about and we find a way to engage and build on these interests.

Community Integration

Wediko School increases students’ capacity to participate in community-based volunteer, recreational and social activities. As strengths and attributes are developed, students are offered increased opportunity to engage in additional structured programming that matches their skills and interests. These activities promote positive relationships with peers while preparing students for a successful transition into adulthood. Activities include:

  • Weekly volunteer positions with the Greyhound Rescue Mission, Humane Society, Food Pantry, and community thrift store
  • Therapeutic horseback riding, rock climbing, and physical exercise
  • Participating in the Merrimack Basketball League (Go Wediko Stars!)
  • Regular winter snowboarding and skiing trips
  • Hikes in our local national park and area mountains
  • Exploration of local ecology and trips to the ocean
  • Local sports events (Monarchs, Fishercats, local college teams)
  • “Mystery Tours” where students discover hidden resources and the world around them

Off Campus Trips

Weekends are a great time for getting off campus. In addition to the activities listed above, students can earn incentives including movies, trips to the mall, and downhill skiing. New opportunities occur each weekend as the interests of our students and staff emerge and evolve.

Connections Program (Weekends and Vacations)

Programming continues on weekends and vacations. Our Connections Program means students continue to be engaged while on campus, 365 days/year. Connections staff includes two Clinical Supervisors, a Program Coordinator, and child care workers. Saturdays and Sundays provide the opportunity to take longer trips around the New England area. Favorite spots include local hikes, ceramics studios, seasonal fairs, visiting Boston, shopping at the local mall, and catching a movie.

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