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Wediko School Admissions

Wediko School accepts applications and admits new students throughout the year.

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Applying Online

Wediko encourages submitting your application online using our secure parent portal. You will be prompted to create an account, which will allow you to fill out the application, save for later editing, and submit when complete.

Once the student’s application is complete, you will be prompted to download two supplementary documents: forms to give to a therapist and teacher to complete. These may be submitted by mail, fax, or email at a later point.

Complete the application online, or download:


Please email us at or call 603-478-5236

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Applying by Mail, Fax, or Email

If you prefer, you may download copies of all application materials below. The Wediko School application consists of three forms: one each for parents, a therapist, and a teacher to complete. These forms may be submitted separately by mail, fax, or email. While we do not need all three application forms at the same time, we must receive the parent form in order to begin the admissions process.

Wediko School Admissions Process

Wediko School’s admissions process is focused on determining “goodness of fit” between Wediko and the student and family. To do this, we try to learn as much about the student and family as possible, as well as help the student and family to learn about us. In our admissions process, the Wediko Admissions Team:

  • Reviews the completed application and clinical and educational documentation such as psychological assessments, clinical discharge summaries, and IEPs;
  • Consults with involved professionals (i.e. educational consultants, previous schools, and/or therapists) to gain a comprehensive perspectives on the student;
  • Interviews each student and family in person. Ideally, this takes place on campus so the student and family can tour and get the “feel” of Wediko. However, for students unable to come to campus, we are able to make other arrangements.

Admissions decisions are made as a team, based on “goodness of fit” of the student and family with our program, as well as space available.

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