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School-Based - Overview

School can be a place of intense pride and enjoyment for students; but for too many, school is a place where differences are highlighted, anxiety is heightened, and self-doubt emerges.  But for the kids, here at Wediko School, we use strengths-based approaches, appealing activities, and a variety of formal and informal learning environments that foster education and career success, healthy relationships and engaged citizenship. Academic adventure and exploration are balanced with clear structures to motivate students to become available for learning, developing the skills and competencies to become productive life-long learners.

Engaging Curriculum Options

Wediko School offers small class sizes (1-12 students per course) with a large variety of academic options, including diverse courses such as Photography, Outdoor Explorations, Woodworking, and Street Law. Specific classes and learning objectives can be found in our Middle School and High School Course Guides. Taken as a whole, Wediko School’s academic curricula:

  • Represents a balanced core of learning objectives that challenges students with experiences relevant to their lives;
  • Focuses on results with multiple types of assessment that measure student success at building competencies;
  • Integrates various disciplines and real world applications for student understanding;
  • Encourages active learning involving students in relevant and engaging tasks which lead to useful products;
  • Recognizes and respects student diversity;
  • Provides education for all, giving access to meaningful learning for each and every student; and
  • Challenges students to expand their thinking skills, such as researching, analyzing, creating, communicating, and evaluating information.

Project Based Learning

Many students struggle with traditional teaching modalities in which students are expected to absorb facts passively then recite them out of context. Wediko School encourages students to build skills that can be applied adaptively to a variety of uses and interests using a Project Based Learning (PBL) framework. PBL is a dynamic classroom approach in which students acquire and apply new knowledge through actively exploring the “real-world.” PBL uses engaging group projects to develop cross-curriculum skills, including those related to collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. Students learn key concepts that previously they may have found challenging and anxiety producing. Given the collaborative connections formed and the skills mastered over the course of a semester, students develop a keen sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is a critical component to each child’s emerging resilience and renewed identity as a successful student.

Multi-Tiered Support

Modeled on the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework, Wediko School uses a tiered approach to learning. Tier One, or our universal design, includes positive behavior supports and specialized classroom instruction, much like an inclusive classroom in the mainstream school setting. Tier Two involves a more individualized approach to teaching students and includes the use of alternative classroom settings as a step towards full integration in the school community. Tier Two offers a higher level of support for those students who need more help to maintain focus and remain on task. Class work is either independent or in small groups. Tier 3 offers additional support to reinforce school-wide social values and basic safety expectations. Students who require this level of support spend more 1:1 time with specialized staff in order to stabilize their behaviors so that they can return to their academic program. While the goal is for all students to be successful within Tier One, students move between tiers as needed.

Graduation Facilitation

Wediko School graduation requirements mirror the standards established by the New Hampshire Department of Education; however, Wediko has the experience and flexibility to respond to varied graduate requirements for most states. To this end, we work closely with referring school districts to ensure student course selections are aligned with their graduation requirements.

Program Oversight

Wediko School is a year round school able to accept students identified as having one or more of the following educational disabilities: Autism, Emotional Disturbance (ED), Specific Learning Disability (SLD), or Other Health Impairments (OHI). Wediko School is licensed by the New Hampshire Department of Education and adheres to state curriculum guidelines. In addition, Wediko School is approved by Departments of Education in Massachusetts, Illinois, and New Jersey; Departments for Children and Families in Massachusetts and Connecticut; and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

Many students continue working towards their home district diplomas while in residence with us. We work closely with home school districts to ensure student course selections are carefully aligned with their graduation requirements.

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