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High Quality Assessments For Informed Treatment


Wediko’s team of psychologists, post-doctoral fellows, and psychology interns are available to aid schools and social services agencies in their work with children and adolescents. We are dedicated to working with children, their parents, school personnel and other service providers to provide high quality assessments that lead to better understanding of the behavior and the social-emotional and learning needs of the child, particularly those with complex presentations. Formal assessment can be an important tool for differential diagnosis as well as for treatment and intervention planning.

We understand the importance of connection, collaboration, and flexibility in the assessment process. Team members have a strong foundation in behavioral intervention and clinical assessment, enabling them to connect with students who may be test-resistant. Wediko also is sensitive to the realities of school and social service agency environments, enabling us to provide recommendations that fit in the real world.

Our Model

Wediko evaluators draw on the best practices within the field, using evidence-based assessment procedures to identify both strengths and barriers to student learning and growth. Parents, teachers, and clinicians are interviewed and our assessments also integrate previous testing to provide a comprehensive report. We collaborate closely with parents and school personnel to ensure that each assessment addresses all identified concerns, and to identify a common language for families and schools to discuss students’ emotional, behavioral, and learning needs.

We provide evaluation reports and verbal feedback that:

  • Aid educators, clinicians, and parents in developing interventions that are targeted to a child’s individual needs
  • Provide diagnostic clarification, when appropriate
  • Instill a greater sense of empathy for the student’s struggles and inspire greater hope in the adults supporting that child
  • Improve parent satisfaction with the therapeutic and educational programming for their child
  • Provides teachers with better tools to differentiate instruction for a specific student

The Wediko Assessment team offers:

  • Comprehensive psychological assessment (including assessment of reality testing)
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Psychoeducational assessment
  • Functional behavioral assessment

We have the ability to conduct assessments in English and Spanish.

More Information

For more information, agency or school personnel should contact

Rachel Paster, Psy.D. at or 617-939-5420.


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