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Helping NYC Youth Find Lasting Change

Wediko NY believes that authentic and meaningful relationships with students, school staff, and families are the cornerstone to children achieving successful growth and change in and beyond the classroom. Wediko helps schools develop an inclusive community that is safe and supportive of all students and their families.

Through a flexible menu of services, tailored to address school-and-child-specific needs, Wediko NY does multi-level work to foster an environment most conducive to academic gains and social-emotional growth. Our commitment to doing what is in the best interests of the children guides all programming decisions. We go above and beyond to ensure students, and schools, have what they need for success.

Who We Serve

Wediko NY partners with schools looking to increase capacity for meeting students’ social-emotional and mental health needs; develop proactive, school-wide interventions and supports; and improve family and community engagement. Students with various backgrounds, diagnoses, and challenges to learning are given the necessary supports to find success.

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