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Clinical Services


Wediko NY offers a range of school based mental health services for students, staff, and families. Wediko looks at students, and schools, in context. We know that school environment, peer affiliations, personal and family history, and psychological makeup have significant impact on the learning community. Wediko works collaboratively with schools to develop sustainable, multi-tiered supports for student success.

Wediko clinicians and advocate counselors provide specialized interventions for children with significant social-emotional challenges, learning disabilities, histories of trauma and school failure or refusal. Wediko’s innovative programming has been developed using best practice and evidence-based approaches.

Clinical services include:

  • Small group and individual counseling
  • Individualized behavioral plans
  • Peer leadership and mentoring programs
  • Living with Loss grief support groups
  • Trauma Informed Mind Body Program (TIMBo).

Collaboration with school staff and community resources builds an integrated network of support that avoids duplication of services, removes barriers to access, and discourages the artificial split between academic and clinical needs.

Learning and Enrichment Programs

Wediko NY develops expanded learning and enrichment options for in and out of school time (including summer). Wediko works collaboratively with schools, families, and community partners to build engaging and relevant programming. Programs include an intensive focus on social and emotional skill building, while also providing opportunities for academic enrichment through the arts, cultural activities, academic skill building, leadership development, physical activity, and healthy habits. Through the use of project-based learning, career exploration, and college preparation, Wediko NY offers middle and high school students diverse, interest-specific outlets by which students can redefine themselves and their futures.

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