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Teachers at Wediko’s Summer Program gain valuable classroom experience as they change students’ lives for the better

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Jon Maciejewski, a teacher in Framingham, MA, taught four consecutive summers with the Wediko Summer Program.

“Wediko provided me the comfort and security to give kids an experience that was truly unique to them as individuals,” shares Jon Maciejewski, a teacher in Framingham, MA who taught four consecutive summers with the Wediko Summer Program.

“I am so incredibly lucky that Wediko has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and passion for teaching.”

The Wediko Summer Program is a 45-day residential treatment program designed to help children struggling with behavioral, social, and emotional challenges develop the skills they need to be more successful at home, in school, and in relationships. Along with providing quality therapeutic care across a range of diagnoses and life experiences, this camp-like program provides individualized academic support for children – all on a beautiful, 450-acre lakefront campus in New Hampshire.

Gaining 210 hours of classroom experience with boys and girls (ages 9-19), teachers at the Wediko Summer Program have a rare paid opportunity to immerse themselves in evidence-based classroom management strategies.

They address challenging behaviors and cultivate student learning, with the support of a 2:1 child-to-staff ratio, engaging curriculum, and small classes built around student abilities and interests. This student-focused approach to learning gives children new opportunities to see themselves as capable learners, making a lasting impact in their lives.

A family perspective on the Wediko Summer Program

In choosing a summer program for their child, Karen* and her husband knew Sam* needed support in a number of areas; anger management, emotion regulation, and also with his schoolwork.

“Academically, he was failing and he had no circle of friends,” Karen said. “We were lucky to find Wediko; the experience was life changing. Sam came off the bus a whole new person. Today, he is doing well in school, he has friends, uses the coping skills he was taught, and hopes to someday help kids just like him.”

Karen’s son, like all students who attend the Wediko Summer Program, participated in ten hours of classroom-based academics per week, as well as limitless exploration of the ecologically rich campus.

Building social-emotional skills in the classroom

“Wediko’s teachers engage children’s brains in critical thinking that helps them avoid the ‘summer slide’ and build positive momentum toward the transition back to school,” explains Mik Oyler, M.Ed, Wediko Summer Program Director. “Our goal is to give students the chance to practice social-emotional learning skills in the classroom.”

Students practice through science-enriched mathematics and literacy classes, as well as individualized coursework for students. Instructors provide specialized lesson-planning to help every student, regardless of previous academic struggles, feel successful.

“Our educators understand the importance of flexibility and patience,” said Oyler, M.Ed. “They will go the distance to ensure students understand the material and leave class with a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the next day.”

For teachers like Maciejewski, this investment creates a sense of connectedness; a belonging only found through collaborating with other passionate educators to help students achieve.

“The opportunity for lifelong friendships with other people committed to helping kids is an incredibly hard offer to turn down,” Maciejewski said. “That made every summer a new adventure that got me excited to [return] just one more time.”

Join the team!
The Wediko Summer Program is still hiring for all positions, including; leadership roles, lead teachers, teaching assistants, direct care staff, activity staff, clinical supervisors, and awake overnight staff for Summer 2016! Check out the Summer openings to join the team.

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