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Wediko School earns high praise at NH Department of Education Program Approval audit

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Congratulations to the Wediko School for a stellar performance with the triennial Department of Education Program Approval process!

Every three years, all private special education programs licensed by the NH Department of Education must go through an intensive Program Approval process. This process not only monitors our compliance with state and federal special education requirements, but also evaluates program effectiveness and makes suggestions for improvement – making sure that all programs licensed by the Department of Education are constantly striving to improve education for all learners!

Over two days of evaluation, six representatives of the NH Department of Education were on campus touring, listening to program descriptions, pouring over materials, observing classes, and facilitating intensive case studies with parents, school district representatives, students, and our staff. It’s an incredibly comprehensive process – in some way or another, snapshots were taken of almost every aspect of the program.

And the Wediko School received incredibly high praise.

The full 25-page report is available now online. Here are some highlights:

  • “Wediko students display a very high level of self-awareness” about their strengths and struggles; visitors noticed our students’ sense of agency in their own healing and growth.
  • A “high level of instruction” was visible in all classrooms, with significant student engagement and students showing visible pride in their work.
  • The integrity and practical application of the curriculum was noted as exceptional.
  • “The staff culture of trust, investment in each other, compassion and significant investment in personal growth and development offers a great model for the students…” This was referenced as “top-down modelling of kindness, respect, and understanding.”
  • The dedication and commitment of the staff to ensure that students have a comprehensive, consistent, and integrated experience was described as “how residentials should be.”
  • The “care and upkeep of the physical plant and grounds communicates respect for everyone in the community.”

We couldn’t be more pleased with the initial results of this program audit. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the quality of this program and all the hard work of our staff AND students is recognized and appreciated!

Congratulations again to the Wediko School!

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