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Wediko expands capacity to address trauma

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Wediko continues to integrate and augment our clinical approaches to treat complex trauma and build trauma sensitive communities. In Boston, Wediko is looking to expand our successful pilot of trauma-informed play therapy (a model known as Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy or FSPT) and experience with the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project. Early this fall, prior to the start of school, Wediko therapists and staff participated in a two-day training in an evidence-based trauma treatment, Attachment Self-Regulation Competency (ARC). ARC is a framework for intervention with youth and families who have experienced multiple and/or prolonged traumatic stress, developed by the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. Wediko invited school partners from McKinley Schools to participate in the training and over forty school personnel attended.

ARC is recognized by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) as a promising practice for treating traumatized children. Like FSPT, ARC is not a standardized protocol, but rather offers a menu-based approach that is focused on the building blocks of resilience. Wediko is integrating ARC throughout school-based program. Clinicians receive additional training and support in individual supervision and weekly learning groups.

Both of these frameworks are phase oriented and designed to support skill building along a continuum of need. For students actively experiencing distress, the frameworks offer support to build coping and self-regulation skills. Each approach places an emphasis on helping parents and care givers build their child’s skills by attending to their own coping skills.

Wediko chose these two frameworks because each creates opportunities for children to develop mastery and competencies while supporting the larger system to develop more trauma-sensitive environments; two critical components for sustained growth and recovery.

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