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There is no magic

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For every rabbit out of a hat or dove in a box; for every handkerchief pulled from a sleeve, every mind-reading séance; for every miraculous escape and befuddling disappearing act. For all the wonders experienced as Magic, there are the hands that wave the wand; that pull open the trap door, and subtly tug on the strings. There are the mouths that say the secret word, and that smuggle in the key. More so, there are the ears that listen for just the right opening to instill belief; there are the hearts that are themselves opened up to carry the weight of hope, until it’s ready to be received. And then… POOF!

So, is it all just a trick? Fantasy, deceit, or illusion? I say, rather, that the warm light of the Shooting Star rediscovers, restores, and expands reality. New experiences, new questions, new possibilities for all whom it reaches. I say there is no magic – it’s all real, what we do in restoring hope together.

Thank you, Wediko.

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