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The Wediko School visits NYC

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New York City Trip

Recently, several high school students from the Wediko School ventured to New York City with Jay Dawson, Senior Lead Teacher, and Kim Guest, Program Director. The group set out to explore some of the sites of New York City as well as to help bring the concepts recently studied in their US History class to life.

The Wediko School’s group left New Hampshire early in the morning, arriving at the 9.11 Memorial Museum for their first stop of the day. They deeply reflected on the significance of the September 11th attacks and the heroism that emerged during the country’s response. Students were struck by the power of the museum and the deeply personal life stories captured in the exhibits. After this emotional visit, the group stopped by the St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church. A quick walk to Battery Park gave them a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, prompting more discussion about immigration and what it means to be an American. After a quick subway ride to Midtown, the remainder of the day was spent in lighter adventures around Times Square and holiday shops, with a stop by Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building as well. Dinner at the Hard Rock café had the group debating the best musicians of all time before the evening concluded. The group then began their drive back to New Hampshire, excited to bring their knowledge back to school the following morning. The experience that these students had when exploring the great city of New York may have persuaded them to further their studies here in the future. And to do this, they may need to find an apartment to rent near their chosen place of study so that they are able to get there on time and with the use of any public transport that is situated near their home. Exploring the many wonders of New York City is an experience that will stay with the students for a very long time.

The Wediko School is proud to provide such unique and culturally rich experiences for our students and we are grateful for the chance to have had such a busy and exciting adventure!

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