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Are We Overwhelming Our Students? A TEDx talk by neuropsychologist Dr. David Gleason

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“At what cost do we expect adolescents to think and act like adults before they have actually developed those capacities?”

Dr. Gleason’s TedX talk is anchored in evidence gleaned from neuroimaging and associated brain development. He asks viewers to consider the cost of over-scheduling, overworking, and overwhelming students.

Dr. David Gleason started as an intern in the Wediko Summer Program in 1985. He remembers fondly that Wediko always gave him work that felt quite challenging to him, but that he developed confidence in his clinical abilities, over time, because of the constant practice Wediko offered, as well as the expert supervision he received. Dr. Gleason recalls having tried to meet each challenge and to develop his own expertise along the way.

Interestingly, while Dr. Gleason’s TEDx talk, and upcoming book At What Cost, are about the age-inappropriate demands being put on adolescents, David describes the work at Wediko as almost being the reverse; helping students develop skills in order to meet age-appropriate demands. Through his work at Wediko, including his work as part of the neuropsychological assessment team, Dr. Gleason contributes critical information and strategies for the educators, clinicians, and caregivers trying to help kids improve their functioning to the ‘appropriate’ level. In his roles providing counseling, consultation, and neuropsychological assessment services within independent and international schools, Dr. Gleason strives to help educators and caregivers understand the consequences of when kids are being expected to function beyond their developmental capacities.

We encourage you to watch David’s talk and look for his book this fall. His message will resonate with anyone who works with youth in today’s world!

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