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Summer Spotlight: Counting the Days

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Today, May 5, 2015, marks:

46 days until students arrive for the 2015 Wediko Summer Program and 271 days since I last dipped my feet into Black Pond, did cartwheels on Otter field, or played James Bond with the boys in the Arthur Ashe cabin (aka my Double A boys).

Yes, those are the exact numbers and no, I’m not embarrassed that I’ve been keeping count! I just can’t wait to return to that life-changing environment.

Since leaving the Summer Program, I find myself constantly talking about Wediko and all the amazing experiences I had during the 2014 Summer Program. Recently my conversations have played out something like this:

“Oh, you’re going to see MAGIC! (the band) in concert? That reminds me of a time during the summer when one of the Double A boys and I were skipping down to the waterfront, theatrically singing ‘WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUUUUUDE!’ Singing with them was so fun! Actually, this one time, in music class…”

“It’s so warm outside! You know, days like this were the best for swimming at Wediko. Our whole group would head down to the waterfront and some kids would build sandcastles while others did handstands in the water. This one time, the lifeguards introduced a new game…”

“What do you mean, you’re bored? Hey, want to play a card game? It’s called James Bond, the Double A boys from Wediko taught me. It’s ridiculously fun! First, you…”

On and on I go, talking excessively about the program that has impacted my life significantly. Honestly, once I get started I never realize if I’m talking too much about Wediko. I know my friends may think I’m bragging or trying to make them jealous, but in reality I hope my stories will motivate them to apply to join the Wediko family this coming summer. I want the people I care most about to have the same phenomenal experiences I’ve had.

Since last summer, I have watched myself transform into a strong, patient, and confident individual and I know it’s in part because of my Wediko experience. Somewhere within those magical 45 New Hampshire days, I changed from Janniqua the aloof, quiet kid to Jayyy the goofy, nurturing staff. I don’t mind my new title.

Yes, I’ve been counting down to Wediko Summer 2015. Yes, I talk about Wediko every chance I get. But that’s because I am invested in the model and so passionate about the mission. I know that Wediko truly changes lives. So until these 46 days fly by, I am going to continue to chat about Wediko every chance I get and patiently wait for the chance to make new incredible memories.

Do you want to work at the Wediko Summer Program in 2015? Learn more and apply here!

Do you have a student who may benefit from a residential therapeutic environment this upcoming summer? Learn more about how the Wediko Summer Program supports children and families here.

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