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Spotlight: Trauma Informed Yoga

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Trauma Informed Yoga

After completing 100 hours of training, Wediko Senior Clinician, Rhonda Kaplan, LICSW, is a certified facilitator of yogaHOPE’s Trauma Informed Mind Body Program (TIMBo). Rhonda is currently facilitating a community-based TIMBo group at the Tierney Learning Center in South Boston, and Wediko hopes to roll out more TIMBo groups in the near future under Rhonda’s leadership. Rhonda was also chosen  to join yogaHOPE’s first Train the Trainer Program, working toward becoming a part of teaching teams that can lead facilitator trainings all over the world.

In addition to TIMBo certification, Rhonda was named as a Future Yoga Service Leader by the Yoga Service Council and has received a scholarship to attend the Second Annual Yoga Service Conference in June. As part of Rhonda’s award she will stay at the Omega Institute for a post-retreat gathering to discuss the development of the organization and future leaders with members of the Council and the Advisory Group.

Wediko supports the use of yoga and other mind-body modalities as a way to promote positive self care for students, families, and staff throughout our continuum of care model.

The yogaHOPE Trauma Informed Mind Body Program (TIMBo) has been designed with the specific needs of women in mind and more strategically addresses the effect that early childhood stress and trauma have on the body and the mind. The TIMBo program provides facilitators with a structured curriculum of 16 sessions that leaves students with tools to address their habituated patterns and symptoms that lead to recidivism, relapse, and entrapment in the cycle of trauma, addiction, incarceration and other health risk behaviors.

Yoga Service Council Conference
This yearly conference, in partnership with the Omega Institute, brings together the nation’s leading teachers using yoga and mindfulness practices to help people change their lives in under-served communities.

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