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Second summers help turn emerging professionals into experts in quality, clinical care

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Jessica Luddy, LICSW As preparation for Summer 2016 picks up steam, I’ve been thinking a lot about my first Wediko summer (which was almost six years ago!), and the person and professional I was then compared to now.   Staff alumni of Wediko's therapeutic summer camp describe their first experience in many ways. The description almost always... Read more

Giving Tuesday: Why giving as a millennial is important

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Even with student loan debt weighing us down, we can still make a difference! Since I graduated college in 2014, I haven’t felt like I can donate money. The first ask happened approximately one month after graduation, when my school called, asking for donations. “Yeah, I’m already paying you in student loans.” I said, a bit more... Read more

Building the Fence: Parents, Families Work with Wediko to Foster Growth

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Yesterday my daughter asked me what has to be the hardest question a child can ask a parent. “Why didn’t you save me?” Thankfully, in this case, she was only talking about the sidewalk that reached up and grabbed her scooter, sending her over the handlebars to the sidewalk below. While traumatic, she will heal and hardly... Read more

Grief counseling group addresses ambiguous loss, with emotional and academic benefits for students

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Wediko New York Programs staff gather for grief and loss training

Clinicians from Wediko School-Based Services (in Boston) and Wediko New York Programs have been collaborating to further an initiative to better support students' needs regarding grief and loss. Wediko’s Living with Loss grief counseling program supports students coping with the devastating effects of loss that, according to Program Manager Kate Tetuan, LICSW, comes in a variety... Read more

Through Sole Train 5K, Wediko Clinicians Help Students Build Resilience… by Rachel Paster, Psy.D.

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Wediko Clinicians Rachel Paster and Erik Maki

It was a brisk New England fall morning on Saturday, as Old and Young Soles were gathering near Jamaica Pond for the second annual Sole Train 5k race. Sole Train, Boston Runs Together, uses running as a method by which to build community and mentorship for achieving goals and finding success. The program is put on... Read more

Wediko School helps students build resiliency

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Shed built by students at the Wediko School

This semester, Brian built a shed. The shed features four walls, a floor, and a roof – all crafted out of wood by Brian and his peers. This may not sound amazing, but it is. Four months ago, Brian swore school was not the place for him. He was failing his classes, had few friends,... Read more

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