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When it comes to helping clients, the cloud is the limit

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Wediko jumped with both feet first into an exciting new electronic health records system – Dr. Cloud EHR for the 2016-2017 school year. Dr. Cloud offers Wediko advanced technology that has streamlined clinical documentation processes across Wediko’s in-home therapy teams, outpatient group practice, and school-based clinical services in both Wediko’s Boston and New York City... Read more

Wediko expands capacity to address trauma

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Wediko continues to integrate and augment our clinical approaches to treat complex trauma and build trauma sensitive communities. In Boston, Wediko is looking to expand our successful pilot of trauma-informed play therapy (a model known as Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy or FSPT) and experience with the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project. Early this fall, prior to... Read more

There is no magic

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For every rabbit out of a hat or dove in a box; for every handkerchief pulled from a sleeve, every mind-reading séance; for every miraculous escape and befuddling disappearing act. For all the wonders experienced as Magic, there are the hands that wave the wand; that pull open the trap door, and subtly tug on... Read more

Are We Overwhelming Our Students? A TEDx talk by neuropsychologist Dr. David Gleason

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“At what cost do we expect adolescents to think and act like adults before they have actually developed those capacities?” Dr. Gleason’s TedX talk is anchored in evidence gleaned from neuroimaging and associated brain development. He asks viewers to consider the cost of over-scheduling, overworking, and overwhelming students. Dr. David Gleason started as an intern in the... Read more

Online Learning Helps Parents

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"For the first time in a long time I feel like maybe I understand my son a little better. I am excited to try some new things. I always guessed that trying to "force" my son to comply was not going to work, but I didn't really understand what else could be done." This summer, the... Read more

8 Parent Tips to Help Kids Stay Safe on Social Media

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If you are on any social media platforms, you have likely already been bombarded by the dramas of the day; Dani Mathers is being investigated by police for a body-shaming snapchat, Kim Kardashian posted a video of Taylor Swift talking to Kanye West, and responses are coming out of the woodwork from multiple celebrities. As Wediko's... Read more

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