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Family therapy is essential for effective adolescent resident treatment

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In her article "Bridging the Distance, a Clinical Phase Model of Family Therapy," recently published by the Journal of Contemporary Social Services, Johanna Creswell Baez focuses on the relationship between the Wediko School and the families of our students. For families considering Wediko, it's important to understand how integrating the family into the treatment program... Read more

Wediko Children’s Services Named an Official Charity Partner of the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon

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New York City, NY - March 2, 2015--Wediko Children’s Services will become an Official Charity Partner of the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon. The race will take place on Sunday, November 1, 2015. “Wediko is beyond excited to partner with the TCS New York City Marathon as an official charity partner,” said Colin Sullivan, Wediko’s... Read more

Summer Spotlight: A Storyteller is Born

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Luna the Turtle

Last June, in the days before I left for Wediko, I carefully checked off item after item on the packing list until I finally arrived at “props to make things fun.”  That flummoxed me.  What would be fun for seventeen-year-old girls was completely different than what would be fun for eight-year-old boys.  I didn’t know... Read more

The Importance of Saying “Thank You” at Work

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Saying “thank you” is hard for me. Letting my team members know they’ve done a good job just doesn’t come naturally.  Ask any of my past Wediko Summer staff members. At the beginning of each summer, I sit down with them to talk about our individual working styles, and I always need to explain that... Read more

#SelmaforStudents: How varied learning opportunities impact at-risk students

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A student, growing increasingly frustrated in their classroom, has finally had enough. They jump up from their desk and start spewing profanity, hands gesturing erratically as they enter into a full-fledged meltdown. Or maybe they don’t. Maybe, when their frustration reaches a boiling point, they sink deeper into their chair, pull up their hood and work... Read more

Mind-body methods for trauma-informed care expand with new groups for teens and children

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TIMBo (Trauma-Informed Mind-Body or Transformational Intervention for Mind and Body) is a mindfulness-oriented group for women who have experienced trauma and other stressors. As part of Wediko's approach to trauma-informed care, this curriculum group combines discussion, journaling, yoga, and meditation to help women heal from past traumas and manage current stress. I became a Certified Facilitator... Read more

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