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Wediko School celebrates family day

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Pumpkins out for fall!

It was a picturesque day for the Wediko School's Family Day recently. Across the 450-acre rural New Hampshire campus, fall foliage was in full swing - leaving campus as beautiful as ever. The weather wasn't the only bright spot this past Sunday. Wediko School staff were happy to host students' families in a variety of activities.... Read more

Wediko School earns high praise at NH Department of Education Program Approval audit

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Congratulations to the Wediko School for a stellar performance with the triennial Department of Education Program Approval process! Every three years, all private special education programs licensed by the NH Department of Education must go through an intensive Program Approval process. This process not only monitors our compliance with state and federal special education requirements, but also evaluates program effectiveness... Read more

Wediko’s ESY Program grows hydroponic plants with solar power

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This past week College Bound teamed up with Wediko’s ESY Program at the McKinley School in Boston to learn about the science behind solar powered hydroponic plants. The mission of the College Bound Program is to empower students to become positive change agents in their schools and communities. Through a Social Justice and STEM (Science,... Read more

Tony Marino Retires!

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After nearly 20 years of service in the Ames dining hall & kitchen, Tony Marino is heading into retirement this weekend.  As Phil Lovejoy, Facilities Manager, noted in an appreciation speech, Tony is one of only 3 head cooks the School Program has had since it’s inception (in 1989).  Tony began at Wediko in December... Read more

Minimizing the side effects of medication with nutrition and exercise

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Individuals who suffer from chronic mental illness are typically supported by various medications throughout their lives. As providers, we are responsible for managing the pros and cons of medication with our patients and families; improved quality of life and daily functioning vs. the side effects of weight gain, elevated glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. We need to... Read more

Realizing Your Mantra: A Boston Marathon Post-Race Reflection

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Your Miles Matter

Running the Boston Marathon is no easy feat. Training your body to endure so much, along with training your mind to keep pushing, does not come naturally.  Having run the marathon many times, I always encourage others to develop a personal mantra for the race. This should be something that can drive your forward even... Read more

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