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Online Learning Helps Parents

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    “For the first time in a long time I feel like maybe I understand my son a little better. I am excited to try some new things. I always guessed that trying to “force” my son to comply was not going to work, but I didn’t really understand what else could be done.”

This summer, the Wediko Summer Program expanded our support of participating families through an online learning program for parents and guardians. Weekly videos and related readings were distributed to families and followed a structured curriculum designed to give families practical tools and strategies for addressing challenging behavior. This skill-building and solution-focused approach to family therapy was well received.

Wediko was built on the notion that family are the most important people in a child’s life. All Wediko programs include family engagement and participation as a critical aspect of care. This year’s expansion of the Summer Family Program was in line with this philosophy and guided by the notion that family success plays an important role in a child’s success. Knowing the importance of transitions, there was also an increased focus on the transition home. The last session helped families prepare for departure day, identifying a range of emotions and potential behaviors and giving strategies for how to proactively address different scenarios.

Families not only took the time to watch the weekly videos, many provided us with feedback about what they liked and what they thought could be improved. Generally, comments reflected parents’ appreciation for the direct teaching, easily understood approach, and relevance to their family’s life.

    “The link for at home is so important so that the kids don’t feel isolated and this seems to be the perfect tool.”
    “This information makes sooo much sense. I look forward to instituting some of these changes in my home.”

As we wrap up the 2016 Wediko Summer Program we thank all of our partners and look forward to improving and expanding the program for next year!

To learn more about the Wediko Summer Program and our unique program structures designed to maximize treatment gains, visit the program page.

The Wediko Summer Program new Family Program was made possible by grants from Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation and the Patricia Kind Family Foundation. We are grateful for this support!

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