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Minimizing the side effects of medication with nutrition and exercise

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Individuals who suffer from chronic mental illness are typically supported by various medications throughout their lives. As providers, we are responsible for managing the pros and cons of medication with our patients and families; improved quality of life and daily functioning vs. the side effects of weight gain, elevated glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.

We need to be proactive as team members to manage these side effects and recue the likelihood of children developing medical comorbidities as a result of psychiatric medication therapy.

Not only are healthy dietary changes important for minimizing the side effects of medication, but it is also important for our students to understand how diet impacts overall mental wellness.

How Wediko promotes healthy lifestyles
We work with students at our residential treatment center and therapeutic summer camp to help them develop healthy eating habits that they will be able to sustain throughout their lives. We encourage them to choose a well-balanced, nutrient rich, non-processed, varied diet full of fruits and vegetables. We also teach our students to work toward a better understanding of the MyPlate food guide developed by the US Department of Agriculture. We are fortunate to have the services of a nutritionist available for individual consultation when needed and requested by the team of care givers.

In addition to healthy eating and regular exercise is a key component of improved mental well being. Living in a four-season environment, we are fortunate to provide multiple opportunities for outdoor activities. We are always looking for new and exciting adventures and our student population looks forward to these activities as we hike up Mt. Monadnock or paddle in a kayak around Black Pond.

We here in the Wellness Center are sure, as we continue to promote healthy food choices and activities, the children will continue talking about some of the work we are doing to foster healthy habits. If you ever find yourself visiting the Wediko School, be sure to read some of our healthy hints located in our cafeteria and in the Wellness Center. Better still, on your next visit, be sure to ask about some of the local hiking trails and outdoor activities we have access to here in the woods of Wediko.

Be well,
Natalie and Brenda

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