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Make a Difference for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

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Healthy Families, Resilient Children

This week, May 1-7, is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, The week is geared toward raising awareness about the importance of children’s mental health and is designed to highlight effective community resources and responses.

This year’s theme, announced by the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, is “Healthy Families, Resilient Children: Mental Health is a Family Affair!”

Wediko is excited to see the importance of a family systems approach incorporated in this year’s theme. Wediko sees families as essential partners in the therapeutic process, involved in every step, to ensure that children receive effective care.

This holistic approach helps foster resiliency in students. When all key decision-makers in a child’s life are on the same page, the child is better prepared to try new things, master important skills, and learn greater independence.

If you’re interested in supporting children’s mental health, this or any week, there are several ways you can better equip Wediko to serve children and families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and beyond.

1. Give – The most direct way to make a difference for the children and families we serve is to donate. Any amount or item gives Wediko greater opportunity to make a difference.

2. Participate – Wediko currently has numbers for the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon; whether you’re interested in getting a number or already have one, joining the Wediko team raises awareness and funds for those struggling with mental health challenges.

3. Wear Wediko – Check out the Wediko store and wear the brand! Shopping and representing Wediko raises awareness for the organization and our mission.

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