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The impact of summer residential treatment for at-risk children and families

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As we plan Summer 2017, I have taken numerous calls from prospective Wediko Summer Program families. In their own words, specific to the needs of their own child, each parent is asking virtually the same questions:

“What does Wediko believe in?”

“What makes Wediko different?”

Staff heard part of the answer during last summer’s re-orientation when I read the poem, “The Bridge,” written by the legendary former Wediko Summer Program Director, Dr. Hugh Leichtman. Among many pearls of wisdom, Hugh wrote,

“We believe in growth.
This is a growth model.
…growth for new adaptive capacity.”

Students and families alike experience growth from the moment they cross over the bridge and enter the Wediko Summer Program. For the past 83 years, Wediko’s therapeutic summer program has been a safe and nurturing place for children to explore, develop skills, gain mastery, take risks, and find success.

Evidence of our impact comes in many forms – new adaptive capacities, new problem-solving skills, new social skills. It is most evident, however, when our students return home to their families after 45 days of clinical and academic support.

Here is some of what we heard from parents about the impact of Wediko’s therapeutic camp:

Family Testimonials

  • “Since camp, he’s been increasingly willing to tell/warn us he’s stressed, and each time we react positively, he trusts us a little more to help him.”
  • “He is less anxious about school, stays emotionally regulated throughout his day and generally appears more confident that he can do well.”
  • “No fighting with siblings, kept his room spotless, took on more responsibilities around the house, etc. We are in a better place than we were before camp.”
  • “Thank you so much for the help you gave my son. His confidence has been built up again and continues to grow.”
  • “He learned a lot of new coping skills and is able to communicate how he is feeling with more ease.”
  • Wediko believes in the children and families we work with, the very real impact of summer residential treatment, and our ability to change lives.

In Ubuntu,
Mik Oyler, M.Ed.
Wediko Summer Program Director

Applications for prospective staff are now available. Learn how to join Wediko’s Summer Team on our Summer Openings page!

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