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Coping with loss: A student’s perspective on the benefits of grief counseling

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Sierra Perez Moore

Grief looks different for every person, regardless of age, but children and adolescents may have an especially difficult time coping with loss and putting these complex emotions into words. Between dealing with the funeral, searching for funeral homes similar to these Riemann Family Funeral Homes or trying to continue on with everyday activities, it can be hard to keep your emotions together while you are trying to get through such a tough time. This is why having support is so important, especially when you’re a child or a teenager.

To support this year’s Children’s Grief Awareness Day, Wediko has joined the cause to shed light on how loss impacts students we work with.

To facilitate the process of understanding and coping with grief, the program manager of our our Living with Loss grief counseling program Kate Tetuan, LICSW asked some of her students to put their emotions in writing. Sierra Perez Moore, a Living with Loss student, provides a look into the coping process from a youth’s perspective.

“As a teen, there are certain life experiences that I haven’t come across that would prepare me to deal with something as difficult as the grief process. While an adult might know how to describe, express and understand their feelings of grief, a teen might not know how to do these things. Furthermore, teens likely have less of an understanding of what positive coping skills they could use to help them through the grief process. They need to be recognized and supported as grievers so that they can learn to express their feelings and cope in a safe way. The Wediko Grief and Loss group has affected me in a positive way. It has let me know that I am not alone and I have a positive group of people surrounding me, which makes me feel safe. I know there are coping skills I can use when I’m feeling sad and there are people I can look to for support.”

Children’s Grief Awareness Day encourages everyone to be aware of the needs of grieving children. Sierra and other students like her had the opportunity to grow from taking the time to process the variety of emotions that accompany loss. Through our Living with Loss Program and in many other aspects of our mental health services for children and families, Wediko places special emphasis on giving students the tools to express and cope with their losses.

Please join us in the cause of validating every child’s grieving process. If you have any thoughtful and creative ways to recognize our young people as grievers or have helpful resources, share them below!

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