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The impact of summer residential treatment for at-risk children and families

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As we plan Summer 2017, I have taken numerous calls from prospective Wediko Summer Program families. In their own words, specific to the needs of their own child, each parent is asking virtually the same questions: “What does Wediko believe in?” “What makes Wediko different?” Staff heard part of the answer during last summer’s re-orientation when... Read more

AmeriCorps Week inspires reflection on how Wediko encourages service

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AmeriCorps Week

March 5-12 is AmeriCorps Week, a time when the service organization sets out to “recognize the commitment of AmeriCorps members and alums by highlighting the extraordinary impact AmeriCorps makes across our nation every day.” Wediko is proud to have a longstanding relationship with AmeriCorps. Here at Wediko, we dedicate ourselves to bettering our community, which is... Read more

Second summers help turn emerging professionals into experts in quality, clinical care

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Jessica Luddy, LICSW As preparation for Summer 2016 picks up steam, I’ve been thinking a lot about my first Wediko summer (which was almost six years ago!), and the person and professional I was then compared to now. Staff alumni of Wediko's therapeutic summer camp describe their first experience in many ways. The description almost... Read more

Three reasons a career in social work is worth the stress (Social Work Awareness Month, Part III)

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As I round out my final year in the Masters of Social Work (M.S.W.) Program at Wheelock College, I am arguably at one of the busier stages of my life. With a full course load, a community-based research project, and a split internship within the MassSTART and Living With Loss grief support program at Wediko,... Read more

Five reasons I love being a social worker (Social Work Awareness Month, Part I)

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When asked about my job, my initial response is never that I am a therapist, or an admissions manager, or work at a residential treatment center. My first response is always: "I'm a social worker!" I start with social worker because I feel it best describes how I think about my work and my clients. Then,... Read more

Real-life social workers focus on family preservation (Social Work Awareness Month, Part II)

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The media frequently portrays this as brooding, parent-hating, disgruntled, overworked, and bitter individuals gleefully removing screaming children from parents amongst a broken state system.  During my tenure as a Social Worker, I have always been intrigued and dismayed at the portrayal of social workers on television and in the media. I have only encountered this... Read more

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