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Wediko School students log-on for success

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Students at Wediko School have a range of needs and abilities. Often, student’s frustration in the classroom is a manifestation of embarrassment and ineffectively managed disabilities. As students’ learning challenges are effectively addressed and social interactions mediated, we see a significant reduction in problematic behavior. Wediko students struggle with a range of learning disabilities including... Read more

Tis the season for holiday donations!

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As the weather gets colder and holidays grow nearer, many children and families lack the resources to keep the season warm and special. We have compiled a list of Wediko’s biggest needs this holiday season. If you’re a legomaster, a former CD collector, or a book/movie buff, you have a unique opportunity to deliver a smile... Read more

At Wediko, we tackle problems together – in Ubuntu

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Ubuntu (uu-Boon-too) has become an integral part of Wediko’s culture; it is written across our t-shirts, introduced in our orientation sessions, and brought to life through our work and our personal lives. Ubuntu, a Nguni Bantu term, is loosely translated as “A person is a person through other persons.” At Wediko, Ubuntu means generosity, kindness, selflessness,... Read more

Wediko’s history outlines 82 year commitment to improving children’s lives

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Wediko's beginnings

In 1934, Robert A. Young, Ed.D. and his colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital created a therapeutic summer camp program as an integral part of their children’s psychiatric clinic. The camp, located on a rented site on Province Lake near the New Hampshire – Maine border, served clients of the clinic as well as children referred... Read more

Wediko School helps students build resiliency

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Shed built by students at the Wediko School

This semester, Brian built a shed. The shed features four walls, a floor, and a roof – all crafted out of wood by Brian and his peers. This may not sound amazing, but it is. Four months ago, Brian swore school was not the place for him. He was failing his classes, had few friends,... Read more

Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about

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Mental health is everywhere

I’ve worked at Wediko a long time. What I love about it is that we are everywhere. That’s important when it comes to mental health because mental health is everywhere. Someone has to be there for when mental health “issues” come up. Of course, you don’t always need a professional. Sometimes you just need to... Read more

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