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An open letter in the wake of Orlando

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Dear Wediko Community: There is a rhythm to crisis communications after tragedy, the public relations of grief. Organizations and political figures follow an unwritten rule of issuing statements in response to devastation. Some statements are poignant. Others vacillate among being trite, speculative, confrontational, and self serving. Nonetheless, relevance rules require comment in “real time.”... Read more

Grief Support Program Manager Nominated for 2016 Young Professional Excellence Award

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Kate Tetuan, LICSW

Since 2008, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN) has celebrated Nonprofit Awareness Day, which seeks to “celebrate the work of the nonprofit sector and raise awareness of causes throughout the state.” The celebration culminates with the Nonprofit Excellence Awards, presented to seven nonprofit organizations and employees that demonstrate impactful, creative, and nuanced work. Wediko is proud... Read more

Grief counseling group addresses ambiguous loss, with emotional and academic benefits for students

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Wediko New York Programs staff gather for grief and loss training

Clinicians from Wediko School-Based Services (in Boston) and Wediko New York Programs have been collaborating to further an initiative to better support students' needs regarding grief and loss. Wediko’s Living with Loss grief counseling program supports students coping with the devastating effects of loss that, according to Program Manager Kate Tetuan, LICSW, comes in a variety... Read more

Reflection: Two Months after Children’s Grief Awareness Day

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November played host to Children’s Grief Awareness Day and Wediko was proud to participate fully in the process of recognizing the student grieving process. However, as an organization that works every day with students and families who have experienced loss, we wanted to emphasize that one day of attention simply isn’t enough. As such, we... Read more

Coping with loss: A student’s perspective on the benefits of grief counseling

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Sierra Perez Moore

Grief looks different for every person, regardless of age, but children and adolescents may have an especially difficult time coping with loss and putting these complex emotions into words. Between dealing with the funeral, searching for funeral homes similar to these Riemann Family Funeral Homes or trying to continue on with everyday activities, it can... Read more

Wediko Takes a Stand: Children’s Grief Awareness Day

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Children's Grief Awareness Day

Many who have experienced, or have seen others experience, the grieving process find themselves at a loss for words when asked to describe their emotional response. Since the concept is so abstract but the feelings are so tangible and real, many find it difficult to fully understand what they’re going through, let alone support someone... Read more

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