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Building the Fence: Parents, Families Work with Wediko to Foster Growth

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Yesterday my daughter asked me what has to be the hardest question a child can ask a parent. “Why didn’t you save me?” Thankfully, in this case, she was only talking about the sidewalk that reached up and grabbed her scooter, sending her over the handlebars to the sidewalk below. While traumatic, she will heal and hardly... Read more

Wediko School celebrates family day

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Pumpkins out for fall!

It was a picturesque day for the Wediko School's Family Day recently. Across the 450-acre rural New Hampshire campus, fall foliage was in full swing - leaving campus as beautiful as ever. The weather wasn't the only bright spot this past Sunday. Wediko School staff were happy to host students' families in a variety of activities.... Read more

Tips for enjoying the holidays

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The holiday season is advertised world-wide as “the most wonderful time of the year,” and for good reason. In the ideal scenario, families come together to share good food and great stories, open gifts and generally enjoy the company of one another. However, this is a privilege not afforded to every person or family. For... Read more

A PBIS approach to parenting the adopted child

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"You don't get what you expect, you get what you create." - Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience As a foster or adoptive parent, you were asked to take a series of classes on child development, trauma, grief, and other related topics to demonstrate your readiness to accept a new child into... Read more

Why standing up to bullies is a skill all children need to learn

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Standing up to bullies

On a recent afternoon, she came to me complaining about the behavior of another child who was “being mean.” She is at an age where she is fairly independent on the playground. At three and a half, she still needs occasional help to navigate, but she is social and outgoing person who loves making new friends... Read more

Living with Loss Start-Up

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Living with Loss

As I sat with a group of teens the other day, I told them about the formation of a grief counseling group called Living with Loss, which acknowledges its members as individuals who have experienced loss in some form. I asked what they would hope to get from a group like that. The responses I... Read more

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