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Mind-body methods for trauma-informed care expand with new groups for teens and children

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TIMBo (Trauma-Informed Mind-Body or Transformational Intervention for Mind and Body) is a mindfulness-oriented group for women who have experienced trauma and other stressors. As part of Wediko's approach to trauma-informed care, this curriculum group combines discussion, journaling, yoga, and meditation to help women heal from past traumas and manage current stress. I became a Certified Facilitator... Read more

A new data-based approach to cognitive-behavioral therapy in residential treatment

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Wediko's Informing Iterative Interventions (known around campus as the "digital checklist" or "Checklist Data Tracker") establishes the infrastructure for data-driven decision-making and intervention delivery for at-risk students. Supported by a grant from the Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation, this approach is part of expanded data-based decision making and evidence based practice at the Wediko Summer Program!... Read more

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