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The impact of summer residential treatment for at-risk children and families

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As we plan Summer 2017, I have taken numerous calls from prospective Wediko Summer Program families. In their own words, specific to the needs of their own child, each parent is asking virtually the same questions: “What does Wediko believe in?” “What makes Wediko different?” Staff heard part of the answer during last summer’s re-orientation when... Read more

Estimating the cost of mental health treatment

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A Guide on Using CBD Oil for Mental Health IssuesOne of the most significant barriers to accessing mental health treatment for children is cost. Our Executive Director, Amy C. Sousa, Ph.D., offers direction for community engagement in family economic policy. In her article, “The Cost of Disability Advocacy: Adjusting the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Children with Disabilities,”... Read more

Top 10 tips for reducing barriers for mental health treatment

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If you ask the children and families in Wediko's residential treatment center, therapeutic summer camp, school-based services or outpatient groups, they can tell you the importance of mental health treatment. However, the sad reality is many families encounter far too many burdens on their path to necessary care. Some are able to help themselves with... Read more

Minimizing the side effects of medication with nutrition and exercise

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Individuals who suffer from chronic mental illness are typically supported by various medications throughout their lives. As providers, we are responsible for managing the pros and cons of medication with our patients and families; improved quality of life and daily functioning vs. the side effects of weight gain, elevated glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. We need to... Read more

National Autism Awareness Month: A Wediko Connection

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Like so many others, my first exposure to clinical work was my first summer at Wediko.  I encountered a diverse population of both staff and children and, in addition, was introduced to children with a variety of needs.  Along with many of the challenges a first-year staff experiences and overcomes in their first summer, one... Read more

Family therapy is essential for effective adolescent resident treatment

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In her article "Bridging the Distance, a Clinical Phase Model of Family Therapy," recently published by the Journal of Contemporary Social Services, Johanna Creswell Baez focuses on the relationship between the Wediko School and the families of our students. For families considering Wediko, it's important to understand how integrating the family into the treatment program... Read more

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