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8 Parent Tips to Help Kids Stay Safe on Social Media

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If you are on any social media platforms, you have likely already been bombarded by the dramas of the day; Dani Mathers is being investigated by police for a body-shaming snapchat, Kim Kardashian posted a video of Taylor Swift talking to Kanye West, and responses are coming out of the woodwork from multiple celebrities. As Wediko’s... Read more

Climb For Kids: Finding Ubuntu while climbing stairs with November Project

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November Project workout

On principle, when it comes to exercise, I have two “must-avoids;” early mornings and groups. Early mornings because it’s hard to be more compelling than my bed and groups because I don’t want to be watched and critiqued while I work out. It’s hard enough to find the momentum to do it in the first... Read more

Giving Tuesday: Why giving as a millennial is important

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Even with student loan debt weighing us down, we can still make a difference! Since I graduated college in 2014, I haven’t felt like I can donate money. The first ask happened approximately one month after graduation, when my school called, asking for donations. “Yeah, I’m already paying you in student loans.” I said, a bit more... Read more

Realizing Your Mantra: A Boston Marathon Post-Race Reflection

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Your Miles Matter

Running the Boston Marathon is no easy feat. Training your body to endure so much, along with training your mind to keep pushing, does not come naturally.  Having run the marathon many times, I always encourage others to develop a personal mantra for the race. This should be something that can drive your forward even... Read more

A Q&A with Tod Rossi, Ph.D. about his next Wediko adventure… by Colin Sullivan

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Dr. Tod Rossi

Since the close of Summer 2014 two months ago, a focus group has been consistently meeting to explore all aspects of the summer program and is excited to present new ways to renew its purpose. Wediko will be honing our clinical focus and reinvigorating our therapeutic structures in order to further benefit the children and... Read more

Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and unifying public response to mental illness… by Colin Sullivan

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Amanda Bynes via The Celebrity Post

As a Program Coordinator for the 2014 Wediko Summer Program, I worked with the Focus Developmental Group, which consisted of 13-15 year olds – an age of self-discovery, occasional rebellion, and the overwhelming feeling of being misunderstood. I walked down to our beachfront area one afternoon to find the entire Orion cabin, 11 13-year-old boys and... Read more

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