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An open letter in the wake of Orlando

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Dear Wediko Community: There is a rhythm to crisis communications after tragedy, the public relations of grief. Organizations and political figures follow an unwritten rule of issuing statements in response to devastation. Some statements are poignant. Others vacillate among being trite, speculative, confrontational, and self serving. Nonetheless, relevance rules require comment in “real time.”... Read more

Three Journeys of a Thousand Steps

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Wediko Executive Director at Climb for Kids

On Sunday, April 3rd, my three daughters, husband, and I set out on a journey of a thousand steps. We climbed 46 stories at One International Place in support of Wediko and children’s mental health. It was life-changing; not only because of the importance of this work, but because, more than the Executive Director of... Read more

Wediko Turns 80!

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This summer, Wediko Children’s Services turned 80 years old.  Not many nonprofits reach that kind of milestone.  Sure, there are religious organizations that span thousands of years and centuries’ old educational institutions; but, most nonprofit organizations have come into existence only within the last 30 years.[1] Wediko was already in its fifth decade by then! The... Read more

The “Potential” Problem

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Everybody is a genius

As a society, we have an unhealthy obsession with children’s potential. I recognize that this is a disconcerting statement, especially when it comes from the executive director of a children’s organization.  But, all too often the notion of a child’s potential is used as an inadequate substitute for something more meaningful.  In our success driven... Read more

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