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Relationships Support Children’s Mental Health.

Get Involved - Corporate Sponsorship

The Wediko Corporate Partners Program offers an opportunity for companies and their leadership to help ensure that more resources are available to keep schools safe, families strong and healthy, and to provide at-risk children with the mental health services they need to overcome social, emotional, and academic difficulties and live happier, healthier lives.

Partner Benefits

Corporate partnerships are based on mutual gain and can be integrated throughout the company. Corporation benefits include:

  • Allowing employees to find tangible and long-term engagement in a worthwhile cause;
  • Increasing PR opportunities;
  • Demonstrating to stakeholders a genuine commitment to helping others; and
  • Engaging staff to volunteer and give back, leading to increased staff morale and retention.

By supporting Wediko Children’s Services, corporations demonstrate commitment to helping children and families through proven and sustainable programming. We’ll help you support a cause that matters while demonstrating your corporate commitment to making a difference.

Wediko will work with you or your business to understand any partnership goals and to design an opportunity that meets those goals while also meeting the needs of the at-risk children and families served daily through Wediko programs.

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