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Session 2 – What’s Going On?

Routines and Structures

Program manager Jessica Luddy introduces routines and structures found at the Wediko Summer Program (contains audio, length 3:23)

Recommended Exercise:
Try the checklist with a friend!

Space to Grow

Mik Oyler talks about common concerns during your child’s first week at the Wediko Summer Program (contains audio, length 5:52)

Introduction to Positive Behavior Supports

(contains audio, length 4:34)

Values, Expectations, and Routines

(contains audio, length 4:01)

Recommended Exercises:
Family Vision and Expectation
Problem-Solving Situations and Routines

Bring this Approach Home

(contains audio, length 6:06)

Recommended Exercises:
Responding to Behavior
Structuring the Home

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