Four Mental
Health Programs
With One Goal.

Helping each child
achieve lasting change.

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The Wediko Way

Wediko helps children and families with social, emotional, and academic challenges walk the path to fulfilling, productive futures. Here's how:

Wediko’s commitment has always been to go the extra mile to help each child achieve sustained improvement. All of Wediko’s staff and services, across our four programs, are aligned around this objective. We are proud that families have called the lasting impact we have on their children’s lives “Wediko magic”.

Wediko’s comprehensive services, spanning four distinct programs, enable us to respond effectively to a spectrum of complex profiles, including children who do not fit neatly under the criteria of a specific diagnosis or have been diagnosed with multiple disorders.

As a non-profit organization, Wediko takes the time to work with children and families to find the most appropriate, least restrictive environment within our continuum of programs. This approach maximizes children’s connectedness and success.

Wediko staff take on the role of concerned, reliable adults for each and every child. This is a critical success factor for inspiring children to want to change, and particularly essential for those children who lack this presence elsewhere in their lives.

Wediko brings together key people in each child’s life (parents, therapists, teachers, etc.), building a team of supports with an agreed-upon, consistent action plan. This is critical in helping children transfer hard-won gains in one area across all the environments in which they live.

“Wediko fostered growth and change in David that has stuck. His recent successes in school and at home have transformed our family. I am so grateful for Wediko.”

– Appreciative parent of a Wediko student

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