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Camp+ For Healthier, Happier Kids

Located on 450 lakefront acres in New Hampshire, the Wediko Summer Program is a 45-day residential treatment program serving boys and girls ages 9-19 with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. The children who come to Wediko are referred by schools, educational consultants, and clinicians from across the country who believe a fresh-air, therapeutic experience can create positive change.

At the Wediko Summer Program, children discover and develop strengths, interests, and hidden talents. They experience healthy challenges and surmount them with the help of a professional clinical staff and college aged camp counselors- challenges like swimming to the dock, riding a mountain bike to the top of a hill, and making a new friend. Through these successes, children develop mastery and self-esteem, which are the building blocks of a future oriented child; one who is inspired to turn dreams into reality.

Wediko Builds Self Esteem Through Mastery

To build positive identity, children require consistency, nurturance, facilitation, support, and containment. When anchored in their strengths, a child’s sense of self can be positively transformed. Wediko’s work with children will:

  • Discover and nurture strengths, gifts, and talents;
  • Reward effort;
  • Contain negative behavior;
  • Provide consistent and stable adult relationships;
  • Challenge assumptions and perceived limitations;
  • Provide safety;
  • Validate self-worth;
  • Build competence; and
  • Improve interpersonal skills.

Who We Serve

At Wediko Summer Program, children are not defined by their diagnoses or by their failures; instead, they are free to become the best versions of themselves with nurturance and support.

If you think Wediko Summer Program is a good fit for a child in your life, click here to apply!

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